What's Ripe?

Listed below is a guideline of what crops we expect this season, and when they should be available. As this is weather dependent and beyond our control, we advise you to call us at (978)897-6117 to confirm picking conditions for any given day. We also regularly update the website and facebook page with information regarding crops. 

MID JULY: Blueberries
END OF JULY: Corn (available through the end of September). 
AUGUST:  a variety of vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, beans, etc. Shiro Plums (in the store).
END OF AUGUST- OCTOBER: A variety of apples including McIntosh, Macoun, Honeycrisp, Baldwin, & more!
This schedule is subject to change depending on the growing season. It is meant to be a rough outline of when each type of produce is typically ready for picking. 

We're sorry, but dogs are not allowed in the orchard, picking fields, or farm store.